Chronic Pain : Get Moving to Ease Back Pain

Is your back bothering you? Research shows that moving can be the best medicine. Here, Prevention reveals three ways to send pain packing.

1: Stretching: A recent study found that stretching is just as effective as yoga at reducing back pain. Stretching of any kind, whether static (you hold the pose) or dynamic (you move through a complete range of motion), can help improve flexibility and decrease back-pain risk and symptoms.

2: Yoga: Two recently published studies found that people who practiced yoga had less pain and more mobility than those who simply followed a self-care book on back-pain relief. Yoga combines stretching with strength and balance poses, which help shore up weak muscles and release tight ones. It's also a stress reliever; tension can lead to a tight back.

3: Pilates: A small Canadian study found that patients with nonspecific lower-back pain who did a Pilates workout for 4 1/2 hours a week reported significantly less pain and disability one year after starting the program than those who simply followed a doctor's care. Pilates strengthens the core muscles that support the spine, decreasing your risk of injury. It also boosts flexibility, making it easier to move without pain.

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