Meet Sandra

Hi, I'm Sandra!

I’m a health coach, pharmacist, diabetes care and education specialist and grandmother.  I’ve always had a passion for empowering others to be healthy. 


The road that led me here ...


My passion for this grew even deeper when a close family member was mis-diagnosed as having a seizure. Based upon the knowledge and medical training I had as a clinical pharmacist, I knew she really had just experienced a heart attack.  She was re-admitted to the hospital a few days after the mis-diagnosis to undergo double-by-pass heart surgery.  It was knowing the role that good nutrition plays in preventing chronic health problems that motivated me to focus on helping clients live happier, healthier lives.  Would you like to explore how you and I might work together? 

 Creating my own path ...


My mission became one of advocating for good health and nutrition.  Becoming a certified health coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute helped me accomplish that.  I now motivate, educate and empower others in a fun way to make simple choices to keep them healthy.    


Asking for help can be difficult, but being healthy shouldn't be. Let me help you be successful!