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Monthly Challenge

Practice (at least) One Completely Selfless Act Each Day

Here are some ideas:  

Forgive others, allow others to merge in traffic, fix something for someone else, give a compliment, donate food, clothing or other items, pick up litter, write a thank-you note, call your parents, write a positive review, help an elderly person, etc.


Small acts of kindness benefit those around you, but did you know that these "selfless" acts can also boost your mood and make you feel wonderful?

Monthly Recipe

From Sandra's Recipe box to yours

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Monthly Health Observance/Awareness
Coming Soon Next Month...

Monthly Challenge: 

Gain Control Over Your Circumstances

Monthly Recipe:

Slow Cooker Lasagna; Easy Lettuce Wraps

Monthly Health Observance/Awareness:

Alcohol Awareness; Defeat Diabetes; Foot Health, Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)

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